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The setting for this game is British Colonialism and Piracy in the late 17th and early 18th century, with a fantasy spin. Real-world maps of the period and some historical research will go a long way to helping you understand what it going on, but things will not always be as they seem and real-world events will be subject to change (often considerably). Magic and firearms are equally common-place. Imperial warships rule the seas, dragons rule the skies, and people wearing extraneous goggles and decorative gears are shot on sight for excessive anachronism. With the existence of magic and monsters, some trappings of medieval fantasy are still quite prevalent—most notably the use of swords, shields, and armor for dealing with such threats.

You’ve been warned…

The game will be happening via Google Hangouts using the Roll20 app.

You can access Roll20 Campaign here

Play style for this game is an “old-school” “salt-box” (i.e. a sandbox at sea). You will start on a boat. While the boat has a captain, crew, and passengers who may make certain demands of the party, and a plotted course and eventual destination, PCs will have considerable say in where the ship goes outside of that and how it reacts to the dangers that it will inevitably face. No restrictions beyond this will be placed on the PCs actions, though all actions will have their consequences (if you want to start by committing mutiny and making yourselves the captain, have at it but know that the penalty if you are caught is hanging). Should a player character die, the crew and passengers of the ship offer an immediate source of new replacements.

The DM largely commits to a theater-of-the-mind style of descriptions. Pictures, maps, and visual aids may appear on this site for your reference, but will not be called out specifically during play, nor will miniatures, tokens, grids, or other tools be used during combat. Players are free to draw their own maps, source and post pictures, or share content from this site during play, but the DM will stick with spoken descriptions unless significantly pressed.

This site will serve a central source of documentation for the campaign. As in-play rulings are made, NPCs are encountered and interacted with, places are discovered, and items mystical and otherwise interesting are obtained, they shall all be documented here. All adventures will receive a short write up for those that are forced to miss a session (because life happens). Players who would like are free to put their character sheets up in the characters section, post in-character adventure logs or journals of their own, or add any other documentation they choose that may add to the experience for the party.

Also note, that while the DM may work on this site from his place of employment, there are no guarantees that the content or images which will be posted on this site will qualify as “SFW” for those with more traditional employers.

Beyond the Shore: To Seek After Sadness

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